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Italian School 18th-Carlo Bonavia (Naples 1755-1788) and wo Period: 18th century - Style: Louis XV Transition - antique dealer: Galerie PhC
Commode stamped Mondon, XVIII Period: 18th century - Style: Louis XV Transition - antique dealer: Méounes Antiquités


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Discover anticSwiss, the antiques galleries online portal. On offer you will find valuable antique furniture, ancient art and paintings, chosen for you by selected partner galleries. anticSwiss hosts expert Dealers from all over the world, their specialised knowledge combining to present a collection of valuable, certified and guaranteed antiques. We are here to assist you in your purchase, leading you through the eras, from rococo furniture to Louis XV, neoclassical to Directoire, from Empire style to Napoleon III period Boulle cabinets. We will support you in making the best possible choice and investing in valuable articles of great historical and artistic merit.
antiquarioGalerie QuattroFormer Capitals Carved Marble. XIX.1500€
antiquarioANTIQUITES ROBINEEwer jug ​​Rouen Faience Desvres decor1525€
antiquarioANTIQUITES ROBINEBinder locker Oak Craft furniture 12 drawers3800€
antiquarioANTIQUITES ROBINETables Pair signed still life flower bouquets2500€
antiquarioMéounes Antiquitésbanquet table Louis-Philippe / Food Walnut, 547300€
antiquarioMéounes AntiquitésTable: oil on canvas young woman medallion nineteenth2300€
antiquarioMéounes AntiquitésBeaucaire mirror gilded wood, eighteenth Provence, 110 cm3200€
antiquarioGalerie PhCJohann Georg Trautmann (1713-1769) -attribuée.3250€
antiquarioLa Corte Degli Ulivi GalleryKabuto Edo period - the eighteenth century5600€
antiquarioMéounes Antiquitésmiddle office, Egypt mahogany back, 252 cm5800€
antiquarioMéounes AntiquitésTable Louis XVI Jacob to 6 feet in walnut, 450 cm5800€
antiquarioANTIQUITES ROBINESheath Column Pedestal Bolster Marquetry Napoleon era1250€
antiquarioANTIQUITES ROBINELouis XV style marquetry commode floral decoration1525€
antiquarioParino Mercato AntiquarioItalian design table "Dassi" in palisander3200€
antiquario ANTIQUITÉS GALERIE TRAMWAYEmpire Chandelier Gilt Bronze XIXth2500€
antiquario ANTIQUITÉS GALERIE TRAMWAYPendulum Char Empire XIX Bronze Dore2800€
antiquario ANTIQUITÉS GALERIE TRAMWAYPair of Bronze Candelabra In the nineteenth Empire Winged Vi2800€
antiquarioLa Corte Degli Ulivi GalleryParis XVIIIth Century, set of six lacquared wood chairs5400€
antiquarioANTIQUITES ROBINEcarved wedding cabinet oak antique eighteenth Normande4900€
antiquarioAnthaus: Antiquités, Art & DesignSitting Buddha, Sand Stone, Gupta Period, India 5th Century25000€
antiquarioParino Mercato AntiquarioGreat Dutch interior scene painting signed and dated 19042100€
antiquarioL'Armadio delle meravigliePhotography "Holy Virgin" XIX Th Century400€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAEarly seventeenth century, Venice Stipo travel15.000€
antiquarioANTIQUITES ROBINELarge office boxes notary office Dickens desk desk5800€
antiquarioANTIQUITES ROBINEBlanket chest carved oak XVIII time Origin: Britain3500€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAEarly seventeenth century, Venice Stipo travel13.000€
antiquarioMéounes AntiquitésCommunity Table / closes oak and birch, 230 cm2800€
antiquarioAntiquités Provence18th century Portrait Largilliere
antiquarioAntiquités ProvenceLarge 17th century Spanish mirror8900€
antiquarioAnthaus: Antiquités, Art & DesignIndian Wood Sculpture of an Apsaras, 19th Century, India1250€
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