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Stone and marble sculputers

antiquarioYveline AntiquesAntique early-20th century bust of Dionysus
antiquarioYveline AntiquesAllegory of spring, ancient sculpture of the end of the 18th
antiquarioArte Arredo AndriolloAntique and refined alabaster bust, Liberty900€
antiquarioBorrelli antichitàAntique marble sculpture
antiquarioArte Arredo AndriolloAn Impressive 15th Italian Mortar3000€
antiquarioArte Arredo AndriolloAntique and refined alabaster bust, Liberty900€
antiquarioInternational AntiquesMarble sculpture, Bacchus, Italy 16th / 17th century6500€
antiquarioArt CollectorsJeanne-Françoise Julie Adélaïde Récamier, antique sculpture6700€
antiquarioGFA EASYSculpture in white marble depicting a horse4.500€
antiquarioEntredós AntiquesGRAND TOUR TONDOS IN MARBLE AND BRONZE9500€
antiquarioEntredós AntiquesBUST OF JANUS IN MARBLE12000€
antiquarioInternational AntiquesPolychrome Florentine Scagliola top, 17th century12000€
antiquarioEnrica PasinoMarble Fireplace Charles X with important Gilt Bronze Frieze
antiquarioInternational AntiquesRisen Christ Sculpture in Carrara marble, Italy 18th3200€
antiquarioTrianon Antiquités"Idyll" marble and bronze signed Angles, 19th century7600€
antiquarioMobili del Passato srl19th Century Italian A. Cipriani Carrara Marble Bust signed30000€
antiquarioPhidias AntiquesAmbrogio Colombo, white statuary marble bust6000€
antiquarioYveline AntiquesAntique late-18th stone sculpture
antiquarioInternational AntiquesAuguste Clésinger, Helen of Troy, 19th century15000€
antiquarioPhidias AntiquesPair of neoclassical white statuary Carrara marble busts
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