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Alabaster sculpture depicting a girl lying down

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Alabaster sculpture depicting a girl lying down
Alabaster sculpture depicting a girl lying down-0
Alabaster sculpture depicting a girl lying down-1
Alabaster sculpture depicting a girl lying down-2
Alabaster sculpture depicting a girl lying down-3
Alabaster sculpture depicting a girl lying down-4
Alabaster sculpture depicting a girl lying down-5
Alabaster sculpture depicting a girl lying down-6
Alabaster sculpture depicting a girl lying down-7
Alabaster sculpture depicting a girl lying down-8
Alabaster sculpture depicting a girl lying down-9
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Detailed Description

Alabaster sculpture depicting a nude girl lying down art nouveau era gray marble pedestal Saint Anne to note a small lack of finger on the hand.

Dimension length 32 cm for a height of 30 cm.

GULESSIAN frère antiquités -

antique dealer

Gulessian frères antiquités MARSEILLE, 20 bd Fifi Turin (MARSEILLE - France)

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