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pair of polychrome wood angels

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pair of polychrome wood angels
pair of polychrome wood angels-1
pair of polychrome wood angels-2
pair of polychrome wood angels-3
pair of polychrome wood angels-4
pair of polychrome wood angels-5
for sale

Detailed Description

pair of angels torch holder in polychrome and gilded wood

antique dealer

Flavio Gallo Sommariva Perno, via Asti 4 (Sommariva Perno - Italy)

All items in the category: Religious Antique Art

antiquario Numero 7 Antiquariato Stone holy water stoup, Sec. XVI 0€
antiquario ARS ANTIQUA Madonna in prayer, Oil on canvas, 48 ​​x 38 cm 0000€
antiquario Entredós Antiques GOLDEN WOOD RAYS 550€
antiquario Numero 7 Antiquariato Residence for sculptures, Lucca, early '700 0€
antiquario MONIQUE PASTOR Art Deco Bronze Candle Holder 800€
antiquario ARS ANTIQUA Russia, XIX century, Twelve festday icon, tempera
antiquario Arte Tres Gallery God in Bust on Clouds, Arms Open, 17th Wood Sculp 1250€
antiquario Numero 7 Antiquariato A pair of golden wooden candlesticks 0€
antiquario Romano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariato Ancient Russian icon "Mother of God of the Sign" 1800€
antiquario Entredós Antiques RELIQUARY OF ST. BRIGIDA 4800€
antiquario Fabbri Arte - Alto Antiquariato Gold-plated table depicting 0€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Rare and Grand Icon With His Riza End XVIIIth 2200€
antiquario Arte Tres Gallery Jesus, carved lime tree, 17th 750€
antiquario Boris Marvier Antiquités Angel gilded wood, 740€
antiquario Yveline Antiques Polychromed carved wood 0€
antiquario International Antiques Pair of Venetian miniatures in golden frame, XVIII 850€
antiquario FLART di Flavio Gallo pair of polychrome wood angels 0€
antiquario Boris Marvier Antiquités medieval icon on bronze, Byzantine VIII-X century art 420€
antiquario La Cassapanca di Andrea Fiori Antique Louis XV Crucifix Christ in ivory within frame -18th 950€
antiquario Romano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariato 18th century Cretan icon, "The crucifixion" 0€
antiquario Entredós Antiques BAROQUE ALTARPIECE IN WOOD 2950€
antiquario Borrelli antichità Antique Christ in ivory from the second half of the 18th cen 0€
antiquario ARS ANTIQUA Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Oil on copper, 25 x 15 cm 0000€
antiquario Romano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariato Saint Paul Apostle, Moscow School, late 18th century 6800€
antiquario Galerie Quattro Ivory Crucifix By Jean-Baptiste Lefebvre, Late Nineteenth. 6000€
antiquario Fabbri Arte - Alto Antiquariato Madonna with Child and San Giovannino 18000€
antiquario Romano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariato Russian icon - The Transfiguration Of Christ 2800€
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