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Tapestry of Flanders, Lille - Period XVIIth Century

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Tapestry of Flanders, Lille - Period XVIIth Century
Tapestry of Flanders, Lille - Period XVIIth Century-0
Tapestry of Flanders, Lille - Period XVIIth Century-2
Tapestry of Flanders, Lille - Period XVIIth Century-3
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Tapestry of Flanders, Lille - Period XVIIth Century Tapestry of Lille representing Village dance, according to David Teniers, Woven in wool and silk and has its beautiful border of origin of hunting and music in a surrounding of flowers. Period XVIIth century. Teniers (David II), says the Young Flemish Painter (Antwerp 1610 - Brussels 1690). His father, David I Teniers, says the Old (Antwerp 1582 - id 1649), is a painter and a picture dealer; Pupil of Rubens * and strongly influenced by Adam Elsheimer (1578-1610) in Italy, he gives genre paintings and landscapes furnished with mythological characters, a conventional style, a precise and dry bill. David II the Younger, a pupil of David I and undoubtedly advised by Rubens, became the lord of Saint-Luc's god in 1633. In 1637 he married Anna Bruegel, daughter of Bruegel * velvet. At the beginning of his career, he followed his father's applied manner and took up the fantastic theme of the Temptation of Saint Anthony, which was treated several times by him. But the arrival in Antwerp of Adriaen Brouwer *, in 1631, the influence to the point that for years, the confusion will reign between the works of the two artists. After the death of Brouwer, which took place in 1638, Teniers freed himself of this hold. He abandons brown tones dear to his model to practice a clearer way. His best works are painted in subtle silver tones. Later, it returns to browns, but bathing them in a more golden range. The themes of its maturity do not vary. If he painted landscapes, still lifes, portraits, official festivals, religious or allegorical scenes, much of his abundant production is devoted to village scenes and village festivals. He has represented them tirelessly and always in the same spirit. Under his skillful brushes, the peasants dance, sing, play, drink, always amiable and carefree. They have nothing of the gravity of Bruegel * the Old, nor of the spontaneity of Brouwer. The artist reduces the human to a decorative element, happily multiplies the subjects, as a good craftsman, without being moved. In 1650, David Teniers was called to Brussels by the governor of the Spanish Netherlands, the Archduke Leopold-Guillaume. This passionate collector named him a painter of his court and entrusted him with the direction of his famous art gallery, which the artist represented several times the image in the manner of the painters of "cabinets d'amateurs". In addition, the Archduke multiplies the purchases at Teniers and, munificent, generously distributes these paintings. This explains their considerable presence in major museums. There are fifty in Madrid, forty in Leningrad, thirty-six in the Louvre, twenty-eight in Munich, twenty-four in Dresden. All the collectors, however, sought the works of Teniers, and as the latter worked with extreme facility, he left a thousand pictures. After the departure of the Netherlands from the Archduke Leopold William, his successor, the Infant Don Juan of Austria, continues the same favor to the painter, who knows how to obtain the foundation of the Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp , Inaugurated in 1664. The same year, Teniers was elected dean of the gilde of Saint-Luc of his hometown. When he was widowed, in 1656 he married Isabelle de Fren in Brussels. Until his death, he continued to paint in his castle "De Dry-Toren" (the Three Towers) in Perk, not far from the "Steen" of Rubens, located in Elewijt. The fourth son of David I the Old, Abraham Teniers (Antwerp 1629 - id 1670), was also a painter: he specialized in interiors, village and genre scenes, without showing great originality. Lastly, the eldest son of David II the Younger, known by the name of David III Teniers (Antwerp 1638 - Brussels 1685), has hardly left any traces in the history of painting. Our house ensures a tapestry well cleaned, in good condition with its fixing system. Should this be necessary, we will inform you of the work that has been done. All our tapestries are sold with an approved expertise and a detailed invoice and can be presented to your home in France and neighboring countries before your final decision under certain conditions. Do not hesitate to ask.

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