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Napoleon III

antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésPorcelain Box Of Sèvres, Hébert, Late Nineteenth Century950€
antiquarioMéounes AntiquitésSmall lady's cabinet, nineteenth3300€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEAlessandro Milesi, View of the Venetian field and canal, XIX3800€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEPair of stone sculptures. "Lions." Venice, 19th century2800€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTETempera on enamel, Portrait of a Child, Tuscany 19th century2600€
antiquarioInternational AntiquesRare Table Gilt Bronze And Onyx Louis XVI Style3600€
antiquarioInternational AntiquesRare Table In Marquetry And Malachite Stamped Work3500€
antiquarioMONIQUE PASTORSèvres the Emperor Napoleon III in profile750€
antiquarioGalerie PhCPortrait of Napoleon III attributable to Schopin 1804-18808600€
antiquarioAntiquités GarnierVery Large Centerpiece Carrier-belleuse XIXth9500€
antiquarioLa Cassapanca di Andrea FioriAntique Napoleon III small Table inlaid - 19th century480€
antiquarioLa Cassapanca di Andrea FioriAntique Napoleon III gilt Mirror - early 20th century480€
antiquarioAntiquités BiauCabinet stamped GROHE Louis XIV style in Boulle marquetry 197800€
antiquarioAntiquités BiauCabinet in Boulle marquetry 19th opening on 1 door Napoleon6500€
antiquarioAntiquités Biaucredenza Stamped L. Winterniiz Brown tortoiseshell Boulle 1922000€
antiquarioBorrelli antichitàAntique French Napoleon III belief
antiquarioBorrelli antichitàAntique French Napoleon III belief
antiquarioLarghi Danilo AntichitàLiquor box for Napoleon III carriage2700€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésPedestal table in marquetry of hard stones, XIXth7500€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésC Massé, Elegant Woman With Hat, Signed Bronze, XIXth750€
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