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Napoleon III

antiquarioAntiquités GarnierLove Letter Furniture Middle XIXth1900€
antiquarioInternational AntiquesSevres, Rare Pair Of Vases In Biscuit Mounted Gilt Bronze 192200€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEPaolo Sala, View of Piazza San Marco in Venice, 19th century2500€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEVenetian Maestro of the XIX, View of Venice to S. Giorgio4500€
antiquarioOlivier ALBERTEAUImportant gilded bronze clock Napoleon III4700€
antiquarioPhilippe Cote AntiquitésPair Of Large Candelabra Gilt Bronze 0.86 M3200€
antiquarioPhilippe Cote AntiquitésBuffet Napoleon III In Marquetry8600€
antiquarioAntiquités BiauDocument Holder in Boulle marquetry Napoléon III period 19th1600€
antiquarioAntiquités BiauFrench inkwell in Boulle marquetry with crystal inkwell 19th1600€
antiquarioAntiquités BiauFlowers Pot in Boulle marquetry 19th napoléon III1700€
antiquarioEnrica PasinoPortrait of Self-Conceited Young Woman4400€
antiquarioInternational AntiquesPair of Sevrés porcelain vases and Champlevé enamel1200€
antiquarioBorrelli antichitàAntique centerpiece in gilded bronze and burnished bronze
antiquarioAntiquités BiauTantalus Box in Boulle marquetry Napoleon III period 19th2000€
antiquarioAntiquités BiauTable in marquetry Boulle 19th Napoléon III period5900€
antiquarioAntiquités BiauHigh Table in Boulle marquetry 19th Napoleon III period2200€
antiquarioLa Cassapanca di Andrea FioriAntique Pair Napoleon III Candelabras in bronze-19th century1400€
antiquarioLa Cassapanca di Andrea FioriAntique Napoleon III Pendulum Clock in bronze- 19th century1900€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésAV Strantz, Knight Of The Reconquest, Bronze Signed, Ninetee1800€
antiquarioGalerie PhCLouis Gabriel Bourbon-Leblanc (1813-1902) - Romantic Scene7850€
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