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HIGH VICTORIAN (1860-1890)

antiquarioMobili del Passato srl19th century oil painting on canvas signed E. Hofmann4000€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEErotic scene with faun and nymph, 19th century drawing600€
antiquarioBart Wouters Galerie BelgiumEdward Moerenhout (1801-1893)600€
antiquarioBart Wouters Galerie BelgiumClarence Henry Roe (1850-1909) Scottish Highlands1200€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésEnglish sideboard in marquetry and bronze, 19th century6000€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEView of Udine in Piazza Libertà, arrival of the King. 19th c
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEHenry Dasson, Calamaio signed in gilded bronze. 18791.800€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEPair of golden bronze lions. End of the 19th century1.600€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEAlessandro Milesi, View of the Venetian field and canal, XIX
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEPair of pottery in glazed terracotta. Cine sec. XIX
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEPair of marble tables inlaid in polychrome. XIX
antiquarioBart Wouters Galerie BelgiumRussian Icon, The Christ Pantocrator, 19th Century800€
antiquarioBart Wouters Galerie Belgium"Portrait Of A Noble 1861"580€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEBesarel panciera, Putti reggi palma, sec. XIX
antiquarioBart Wouters Galerie BelgiumVincent De Vos (1829–1875) "Dogs playing"1750€
antiquarioBart Wouters Galerie BelgiumEdgard Maxence (Nantes 1871 - Bernerie-en-retz 1954)2950€
antiquarioBart Wouters Galerie BelgiumRaoul Marie Baligant (1861-1924) French1750€
antiquarioBart Wouters Galerie BelgiumAlfonso Gabbi (1864-1939) "The shoe seller"2800€
antiquarioBart Wouters Galerie BelgiumAlice Wilson (1843-1906) "Elegant lady in the garden" 18754600€
antiquarioBorrelli antichitàantique chairs
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