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19th century

antiquarioInternational AntiquesPair Candlesticks Gilt Bronze chinese Porcelain 19th1800€
antiquarioInternational AntiquesDoll Automate Head Jumeau By Lambert, Girl with the Bird4500€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEEmilio Magistretti, Portrait of a girl with a tiger. 19th ce4500€
antiquarioInternational AntiquesLarge Pair Canton Porcelain Lamps, Napoleon II2200€
antiquarioMonartsgalleryfine art oil painting, portrait of a gentleman American3250€
antiquarioParino Mercato AntiquarioAntique Dutch landscape painting oil on canvas 19th century3300€
antiquarioEnrica PasinoAncient paintings from Aubusson cartoons12000€
antiquarioEnrica PasinoPair of polychrome wooden sculptures "Buddha heads"1600€
antiquarioCatherine MARIN Eric SagetPedestal table LOUIS XVI mahogany tripod350€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésSuite of 4 bronze silver planters, XIXth NapIII4800€
antiquarioGalloFineArt EASYCarlo Grubacs17000€
antiquarioBorrelli antichitàAntique sculpture in white marble 19th century statuary
antiquarioPhidias AntiquesPair of amethyst vases, 19th century3000€
antiquarioPhidias AntiquesAntique pair of 19th century candlesticks
antiquarioParino Mercato AntiquarioAntique pair of French candelabras in gilt bronze2800€
antiquarioLa Cassapanca di Andrea FioriAntique Sculpture in bronze - 19th century600€
antiquarioCatherine MARIN Eric SagetLOUIS XIII coffee table in walnut slate top550€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésBronze and crystal chandelier, orientalising, 19th century4800€
antiquarioEnrica PasinoAncient Tibetan pectoral3.500€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésMycena vase, Sèvres porcelain, 19th century1700€
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