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Located in an exceptional showroom of 2.500m2 in the centre of Brussels, Alain Michel offers one of the largest selections of antiques and decorative objects. We are specialised since more than 50 years in the antiques from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries from France, England, Spain and Italy. Our passion for antiques leads us to travel throughout Europe to ensure arrivals of pieces at least every 15 days. In order to ensure that our antiques are in a perfect condition, we have our own restoration workshop with highly-skilled cabinetmakers. For individuals, interior designers and antique dealers in Europe and the USA
Collectors and investors, we offer quality works of the 17th-and the 18th centuries without forgetting the 19th , French, Italian and Flemish School.All charts are accompanied by an informative notice as full as possible in order to inform you  about the subject matter , the artistic movement and the artist's biography.You want to treat yourself, invest or even sell, please tell us about your research and your proposals
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