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Mobile Boulle, esemplare con vetri, firmato LEMARCHAND

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Mobile Boulle, esemplare con vetri, firmato LEMARCHAND
Mobile Boulle, esemplare con vetri, firmato LEMARCHAND-0
Mobile Boulle, esemplare con vetri, firmato LEMARCHAND-1
Mobile Boulle, esemplare con vetri, firmato LEMARCHAND-2
Mobile Boulle, esemplare con vetri, firmato LEMARCHAND-4
Mobile Boulle, esemplare con vetri, firmato LEMARCHAND-5
Mobile Boulle, esemplare con vetri, firmato LEMARCHAND-6
Mobile Boulle, esemplare con vetri, firmato LEMARCHAND-7

Descrizione Dettagliata

glassed Cabinet Louis XIV with projection
Napoleon III period - Perfect condition
stamped furniture "House Lemarchand - Lemoine in Paris"

Louis LEMARCHAND Edward (1795-1872) He first had to study architecture, considered useful for the construction of furniture. After Waterloo, enthusiastic admirer of Napoleon, he returned from war to Paris in 1815 to help his father. His father quickly gave him the direction. April 1, 1823, he signed quotes restoration Boulle furniture collections belonging to the royal collections. In 1828, he settled with the workshops in a house at 17, rue des Tournelle, still owned by his descendants. It became official supplier of the Crown. In 1830 he also obtained the title of the Duke of Orleans cabinetmaker. In 1846 he teamed up with André Lemoine then left his company and ceased trading in 1852; he died in 1872. André Lemoine and his son, Henry, were among the cabinet of Napoleon III.
He made very many light wood furniture and mahogany, many remain. He also imitated successfully, like other cabinet makers, furniture BOULLE. Two furniture of this kind bearing his mark are in the Museum of Versailles. But one of the works that earned him the most notoriety was that of Napoleon's ebony coffin. When, in 1840, France would achieve the last wish of Napoleon, the July government, which he was the provider, thought the loyal soldier of the Emperor, and passed him a particularly prestigious commission: that of a coffin for bring back the ashes of the prisoner of Saint Helena. Edouard Lemarchand built a true work of art ebony. Victor Hugo, close to the cabinetmaker as also lived near the Bastille, came to see the coffin in the workshops and he devoted a few pages in Choses vues.
André-Gabriel and Andrew Henry
Marchand the wood of islands, quai de Jemmapes, partner from 1846 to Louis-Edouard LEMARCHAND: he succeeded him in 1852 and kept the workshops of 17, rue des Tournelles. It was patented provider of Napoleon III. In 1863, he left his son Henry, who held until 1893 when he sold the company to Charles JEANSELME. He retained the title of supplier S.M. the Emperor and was able to maintain its business among the first in Paris.
extract of dictionary Ebénistes XIX by Ledoux Lébrard

Superb furniture 1 door

rectangular panel with original windows.
the top supported by large falls in bronze.
ingot, spandrels, palm leaves, waterfalls ... it has furniture bronzes beautiful !!
foot "bobine" decorated with bronze,
beautiful interior rosewood, with 2 shelves.
Plateau of wood with brass decor in perfect condition.
Key and locks.

Dimensions (in cm) : height: 120 cm depth: 44 cm width: 135 cm


Biau Aurélien Nîmes, (Nîmes - France)

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