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Descrizione Dettagliata

Spectacular and  rare pair of Marly Horses on their pedestal Boulle marquetry XIX century The color is superb  : black medal. a true pair of the exceptionally fine, of quality and detail. bronzes are numbered 1 and 2 Dimensions:bases: 31 cm prof 58 cm width x 22 cm high bronzes: 60 cm high high of totality 82 cm  a little history ....The two large marble depicting horses restrained by grooms were commissioned in 1739, William Coustou for the basin of the Trough of Marly Park.In 1743, the king chose the models that are presented in the courtyard of the Louvre. The marbles are placed in Marly in 1745.They are transposed in 1794 in Paris, at the initiative of the painter David, and are built on high pedestals at the entrance of the Champs Elysees.The novelty of the work lies in the absence of any mythological or allegorical reference.It is a representation of the primitive nature, a struggle between two savage forces, a wild horse and a naked man, the athlete's muscles bandaged by the effort.The horse, powerful, with wide neckline, shows every sign of panic and anger: Prancing body, nerve head, neighing mouth, nostrils and eyes dilated rough mane.The difficult to control Nature is ready to break out again.The impression of movement, strength and violence of the struggle is evident regardless of where the viewer stands. (Author: Valérie Montalbetti) 


Biau Aurélien Nîmes, (Nîmes - France)

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antiquario Antiquités Garnier Grande orologio piatto della fine del XVI 5200€
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antiquario Gulessian frères antiquités La fonte di Mathurin Moreau bronzo del XIX secolo 15000€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Importante Bronzo Antico Stile XIX secolo 4400€
antiquario Bart Wouters Galerie Belgium Buste di bronzo di un uomo africano. circa. 1930 Fonderia L. 800€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Trofeo Stile Antico XIX Secolo 900€
antiquario Bart Wouters Galerie Belgium CHRISTOPHE FRATIN (1801-1864) "Un buon cane fedele" c. 1850 900€
antiquario MONIQUE PASTOR Jean Désiré RINGEL DI ILLZACH ritratto 0€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Busto di Imperatore XVI-XVII 5500€
antiquario Galerie Quattro Mathurin Moreau, Il libro d'oro, di bronzo. XIXème. 2400€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Jozef Poniatowski Tadeusz Kosciuszko Fine 18e Inizio 19e 9200€
antiquario Bart Wouters Galerie Belgium Ludwig Vordermayer (1868-1933) "Guerriero romano" 1400€
antiquario Antiquités Thierry Martin Berger, bronzo Marius Remondot gettato Thiebaut, Fumière 2200€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Bronzo figurante due pugili del XIX secolo 5200€
antiquario Philippe Cote Antiquités Antica scultura in bronzo dell'800 780€
antiquario Galerie Tandem Scultura in bronzo firmata Pierre Laurel / Pierre le Faguays 3950€
antiquario Bart Wouters Galerie Belgium Bruno Zach "donna araba" 1400€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Bronzo nello stile di Clodion XIX 1200€
antiquario Bart Wouters Galerie Belgium Gabriele PARENTE (1875-1899) 1600€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Grande Statua antica periodo Impero - Francia - 9500€
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antiquario ARS ANTIQUA Scultura in bronzo, PUTTO CON ALZATINA 1.200€
antiquario Philippe Cote Antiquités Statua di bronzo "Rachel" Firmato CLÉSINGER 8500€
antiquario Antiquités Thierry Martin Scultura in bronzo, fanciulla, firmato Marioton 3800€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Medaglione antico in Bronzo Epoca Restaurazione 680€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Putto XVIII Secolo 880€
antiquario Antiquités Thierry Martin Cantante fiorentino bronzo, Paul Dubois 2900€
antiquario Antiquités Thierry Martin "Reaper" scultura in bronzo A.GAUDEZ importante 3500€
antiquario Antiquités Christophe Rochet Bronzo Da Vienna Rappresentante Un toro 130€
antiquario Bart Wouters Galerie Belgium Henri JACOBS (1864-1935) "Un bel ragazzo" 850€
antiquario ARS ANTIQUA XIX secolo, Putto seduto 1700€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Bassorilievo rinascimentale Vintage Bronze 4200€
antiquario Philippe Cote Antiquités Bacco in bronzo Dopo Moreau 580€
antiquario Galerie Quattro Antico bronzo - La collera di Achille - Constant Roux 4200€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Paio di Putti Ballando una Bacchanal XIX Secolo 3800€
antiquario Antiquités Christophe Rochet Bronzo di Bouret un mandolinista 1750€
antiquario Romano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariato Marcel Debut (Parigi, 1865-1933), Allegoria dell'eternità 3800€
antiquario Parino Mercato Antiquario Scultura napoletana firmata in bronzo Venditore di pesci 2200€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Rare Coppia di personaggi in bronzo dorato XIX secolo 2200€
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