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Bust portrait of actress Rita Hayworth Period: 20th century - Style: Art Déco - antique dealer: LUX ART CONSULTING
Willem van de Velde I the elder Period: 17th century - Style: Ancient times - antique dealer: LUXURY ART GALLERY

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Discover anticSwiss, the antiques galleries online portal. On offer you will find valuable antique furniture, ancient art and paintings, chosen for you by selected partner galleries. anticSwiss hosts expert Dealers from all over the world, their specialised knowledge combining to present a collection of valuable, certified and guaranteed antiques. We are here to assist you in your purchase, leading you through the eras, from rococo furniture to Louis XV, neoclassical to Directoire, from Empire style to Napoleon III period Boulle cabinets. We will support you in making the best possible choice and investing in valuable articles of great historical and artistic merit.
antiquarioAraba Fenice AntichitàDeruta plate200€
antiquarioRomano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoVenice, Lagoon and Chiesa della Salute end of the 19th centu3800€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoRoman Painter, Arcadian Landscape With Characters3500€
antiquarioBizeau Antiquitésmarble sculpture of an angel,end XVIIth cent.5400€
antiquarioEdery AntiquitésNapoleon III Period Commode, Mother Of Pearl, Lacquer And Po2600€
antiquarioTROUVER BONHEURNocturne Marine Oil Painting On Panel XIX EME School Fr1200€
antiquarioTROUVER BONHEURLarge Japanese bronze planter Circa XIX EME 19 th690€
antiquarioTROUVER BONHEURConsole XVII Circa 17th century Louis XIV gilded wood2400€
antiquarioTROUVER BONHEUROil on canvas Breton wedding signed XX th century 20 th1500€
antiquarioTROUVER BONHEURHunting Dog Rare Bronze Animal Prosper Lecourtier XIX650€
antiquario'900 e design silver ring150€
antiquarioGalerie PhCJacobus Storck (Amsterdam, 1641-1687) signed-Marine and capr22000€
antiquarioSolomon Treasure Louis XVI Style French Ormolu-Mounted Steel Coffee Table32417.83€
antiquarioOld Paintings Online OPO srlHubert Robert (Paris 1733-1808)
antiquarioAraba Fenice AntichitàSmall white and blue porcelain550€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAAurelio Lomi (Pisa, 1556 - 1624), Martyrdom of Santo Stefano
antiquarioOld Paintings Online OPO srlFife player5500€
antiquarioOld Paintings Online OPO srlSofa and two Louis XVI chairs
antiquarioAraba Fenice AntichitàStatuette350€
antiquarioCatherine MARINPair of LOUIS XVI shepherdesses900€
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With anticSwiss you can buy antiques, paintings and certified antique art simply and directly, online. Our portal hosts dozens of international antique galleries. It is simple to get in touch with dealers, obtaining information on the paintings and antiques on display. Communicate directly with the experts, learn the fine points of their online galleries.

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