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Antique Furniture and Fittings

Antiques Collections from our Online Galleries

Welcome to the section devoted to anticSwiss’ antiques galleries. Explore it to purchase antique furniture, fittings and decorative objects simply and directly. A dazzling array of select antiques, collectors items and furniture is on display: browse our exclusive selection of certified, authentic high-quality antique objects and furniture. Through the anticSwiss portal you can get in touch directly with dealers from each gallery, ask for information about the pieces you are interested in, gather details and advice and add value to your décor and collections.
anticSwiss’ Antiques Galleries
At Your Service

Our antiques galleries are chosen by careful selection, ensuring the highest standards of professional reputation and trustworthiness, fully guaranteeing your confidence and quality in online purchases of furniture, antiques, paintings, ancient bronzes, sculptures and valuables through the anticSwiss online portal. Visit the antiques galleries and browse articles for sale online, through pictures, documentation and detailed information. You will be dazzled.
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