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Antique chandeliers and Illuminations

antiquarioSamer's Club Antiquites19th century bronze candlestick.2700€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesPair Of Bronze Candelabra, From The 19th Century.3000€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesRare 19th century gilded bronze chandelier4200€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesRothschild Collection Chandelier, Louis XIV Style10500€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesBronze electrified Miyao lamp, 19th century.6000€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésGlass Chandelier / Ceiling Lamp, Venini, 20th Century1500€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesPair Of Bronze Candelabra, 19th Century.8600€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesPair Of Oil Lamps, Antique 19th Century.3900€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesPair Of Bronze Candelabra, 19th Century.2800€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesPair Of Empire Style Bronze Lamps, 19th Century4500€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesPair of Bronze Wall Lights, 19th Century10200€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesElectrified 19th Century Vienna Bronze Lantern3500€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesBronze "Arabesque Aux Enfants Musiciens" Louis XVI style ch21000€
antiquarioMORA ANTIQUESCandlesticks, attributed to Claude Galle Paris, Empire4000€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésPair Of Earthenware Lamps From Thun, Late 19th Century1250€
antiquarioSAS PY ANTICSDesk Lamp - Maison Jumo - Model 900 - Period: 20th Century580€
antiquarioAntichità Firenze di Riccardo ChiavacciEARLY 19th CENTURY PAIR OF CARLO X BRONZE CANDLESTICKS1500€
antiquarioSAS PY ANTICSFloor Lamp - Maison Lunel - Designer: René Mathieu - XXth1200€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésSuite Of 3 Large Candlesticks In Golden Wood, Early 19th Cen1950€
antiquarioAntichità Firenze di Riccardo ChiavacciPAIR OF PALM VASES MECCA-GILDED LOUIS XIV600€
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