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Antique fireplaces

antiquarioAntiquités GarnierPair Of Andirons Circa 1720 From Boulle11000€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésPair Of Andirons In Bronze And Iron, Gothic Style, XIXth Cen1600€
antiquarioAntiquités BRIONLAURENT BRION880€
antiquarioAntiqonFireplace set. Napoleon III. 19th century6500€
antiquarioAntiquités BRIONEmpire Period Gilt Bronze Fireplace Bar - Chenet - Ba
antiquarioAntiqonFireplace screen.950€
antiquarioAntiqonFireplace screen700€
antiquarioAntiquités Rodriguez DécorationLouis XIV style pink marble fireplace, 19th century2500€
antiquarioAntiquités Rodriguez DécorationCast iron fireback "Héraclès", 19th century900€
antiquarioAntiquités Rodriguez Décoration19th century cast iron fireback650€
antiquarioAntiquités Rodriguez DécorationFireback with two lions, 19th century400€
antiquarioAntiquités Rodriguez DécorationFireplace bar in gilded bronze, XIXth1400€
antiquarioAntiqonPair of fireplace heaters "Winged Lions"2500€
antiquarioAntiqonFireplace set. Moreau9500€
antiquarioAntiqonFireplace portal9200€
antiquarioAntiquités GarnierEarthenware Niche Green Enamel XVIth2200€
antiquarioAntiquités Rodriguez DécorationLouis XV style fireplace in red marble, 19th century12000€
antiquarioAntiquités Rodriguez DécorationFireplace bar with putti, 19th800€
antiquarioAntichità Fiorillo Marmi e Pietre Antiche srlAntique Salvator Rosa frame fireplace from the 1600s8800€
antiquarioAntichità Fiorillo Marmi e Pietre Antiche srlNice fireplace in yellow Siena marble. Late 1700s6400€
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