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Antique Pedestal Tables

antiquarioAntica Roma GallerySorrento 19th Century Table1200€
antiquarioAndrea Fiori GalleryAntique Louis Philippe walnut small Table 19th700€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUACoffee table with Ecstasy of Santa Cecilia, 19th century2400€
antiquarioAndrea Fiori GalleryAntique mahogany Side Table350€
antiquarioAndrea Fiori GalleryAntique small Table600€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Elegant low coffee table in mahogany wood350€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Antique coffee table in 19th century wood280€
antiquarioRizzo AntiquariAntique wooden table carved and gilded with gold leaf
antiquarioAntichità Riccardo MoneghiniWalnut Game table '800750€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Beautiful Asian side table in carved wood450€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Handcrafted wooden and iron coffee table250€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Light wood coffee table with wheels300€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Gorgeous Italian wooden coffee table with glass top250€
antiquarioArte Arredo Andriollo19th venetian solid and carved walnut low table1800€
antiquarioVISCONTEA GALLERIA D'ARTEInlaid coffee table in wood and mother of pearl. 20th centur2500€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Handcrafted wooden, glass and iron coffee table350€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Superb French round wooden coffee table with base400€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Beautiful English entrance table in light wood280€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Round French side table in light wood280€
antiquarioAraba Fenice AntichitàCenter table in Tuscan walnut1200€
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