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Scenes of Genre antique painting

antiquarioARS ANTIQUA19th century, Tavern scene1800€
antiquarioAntichità Firenze di Riccardo ChiavacciMATERNITY, SASSOFERRATO SCHOOL, SECOND HALF OF THE 18TH CENT10000€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUA19th century, Couple of gallant scenes,
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAPastoral scene, Jacob Roos called "Rosa da Napoli"3600€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAFlemish School, 17th century, Scene with horses2200€
antiquarioArte Arredo AndriolloPainting Depicting Interior Scene1800€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAEquestrian battle, Jean Peter Verdussen (1700 - 1763)
antiquarioARS ANTIQUABattle scene, Jan van der Stoffe (1611-1682), attr.5400€
antiquarioAntichità Firenze di Riccardo ChiavacciALLEGORY OF SUMMER, ROMAN SCHOOL, EARLY 18TH CENTURY1800€
antiquarioAntichità Firenze di Riccardo Chiavacci'BETSABEA AT THE BATH', VENETIAN SCHOOL,END OF XVIII CENTURY2300€
antiquarioSAS PY ANTICSPainting Sketch - Fan Project-Inspired By Militants-XVIII th1900€
antiquarioSAS PY ANTICSPointillé Engraving - Entitled Marche Incroyable - XVIIIth890€
antiquarioParino Mercato AntiquarioGreat 17th century Lombard painting6400€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAEmilian school, 17th century, Couple of fishermen7000€
antiquarioParino Mercato AntiquarioGreat 17th century painting, the farrier's workshop7200€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAFrench School, 18th century , Garden with figures2000€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUADaniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki (1726 - 1801), indoor scene4400€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAGuglielmo Napoli ( 1868 - 1945) The bride-to-be1800€
antiquarioOld Master Paintings ROMANO ISCHIABattle - Jacques Courtois il Borgognone (1621-1676)
antiquarioAntichità Firenze di Riccardo ChiavacciLARGE TEMPERA PAINTING ON PAPER, FLORENCE, SECOND HALF OF TH2800€
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