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Antique Porcelain

antiquarioAntiquités GarnierLarge Suspended Garden Paris XIXth1800€
antiquarioAntiquités Rodriguez Décoration"China, porcelain flowerpot with peacocks, 20th century"600€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique Sevres Cabinet Plate Medieval Battle Scene 19th C350€
antiquarioAntiqonA couple of tea from the Kuznetsov factory in Volkhov. 1880s300€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique Sevres Blue Celeste Porcelain Plate c.1880 19th C400€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique Gilt Bronze & Samson Porcelain Centrepiece 19th C1400€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique Pair Helena Wolfsohn Dresden Porcelain Vases 19th C2000€
antiquarioRizzo AntiquariAntique Persia porcelain bowl with blue decorations
antiquarioAntiqonChinese lidded vase from the first half of the 19th century.1400€
antiquarioAntiqonTwo coffee pairs. Gardner.150€
antiquarioAntiqonPorcelain figurine "Pierrot" Rosenthal, 1920.1200€
antiquarioAntichità GogliaLarge Early-19th Dresden Porcelaine Vase4000€
antiquarioAntichità GogliaEarly-20th Hand-painted Capodimonte Sculpture2100€
antiquarioVassallo AntiquesImportant and ancient dish `` Giove e Calisto '' A.Müller1500€
antiquarioRizzo AntiquariGroup in ancient biscuit manufacture of Sevres, France XIX1150€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésCanton porcelain vase, late 19th early 20th century
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique French Sevres Porcelain Table Lamp 19th C1050€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique Sevres Porcelain & Gilded Table Lamp 19th C1050€
antiquarioAntiquités BRIONPair Of Porcelain Table Servers Around 1900 -1100€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique Pair Sevres Porcelain Gilt Bronze Lidded Urns1800€
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