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Asia Art

antiquarioGalerie 36Canton370€
antiquarioAntiquités Rodriguez DécorationIndochinese Box with mirror in exotic wood, 19th century600€
antiquarioAntiquités Rodriguez DécorationFour-leaf lacquered and caned screen, Asia, 19th century2200€
antiquarioEnrica PasinoAncient Indian stone panel from the MOGUL era1.300€
antiquarioAntiquités Luc SchwartzImportant 19th century Japanese bronze Samurai fighting a be2800€
antiquarioGalerie Olivier ALBERTEAUOctagonal porcelain dish from the Compagnie des Indes - XVI740€
antiquarioGalerie Olivier ALBERTEAUPair of covered vases - 19th century China3400€
antiquarioGalerie Olivier ALBERTEAUChinese landscape - jade group, late Qing dynasty2300€
antiquarioAntiquités Luc SchwartzWoman Doctor In Ivory Late Eighteenth Time1500€
antiquarioAntiquités Luc SchwartzPair of bronze vases decorated with Onis Circa 18902750€
antiquarioAntiquités Luc SchwartzQing Dynasty Cinnabar Lacquer1850€
antiquarioGalerie Olivier ALBERTEAUPair of Chinese cinnabar lacquer vases - 19th century2700€
antiquarioAntiquités Luc SchwartzJapanese okimono in bronze signed1450€
antiquarioAntiquités Luc SchwartzSage and disciple Two Okimono in ivory and lacquer2850€
antiquarioAntiquités Luc SchwartzNineteenth Japanese ivory okimono480€
antiquarioAntiquités Luc SchwartzJapanese bronze okimono Wrestlers in nineteenth kimono signe2450€
antiquarioAntiquités Luc SchwartzImportant Japanese Okimono1450€
antiquarioAntiquités Luc SchwartzJapanese bronze okimono signed1050€
antiquarioAntiquités Luc SchwartzJapanese okimono in bronze nineteenth "crab fisherman"1850€
antiquarioAntiquités Luc SchwartzRare ivory Okimono Monkeys slaying an eagle Japan1150€
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