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Antiques Clocks

antiquarioLa Cassapanca di Andrea FioriAntique Louis Philippe Pendulum Clock in bronze-19th century2500€
antiquarioBorrelli antichitàFrench Empire clock in 19th century gilded bronze
antiquarioOlivier ALBERTEAUNineteenth clock table - To restore1700€
antiquarioMobili del Passato srlAntique clock in Louis XV style Boulle early twentieth centu
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésClock gilded bronze and porcelain, signed Picard, 19th1650€
antiquarioLa Cassapanca di Andrea FioriAntique Empire Pendulum Clock in bronze - 19th century2300€
antiquarioBorrelli antichitàAntique clock in statuary white marble and gilded bronze
antiquarioOlivier ALBERTEAUSkeleton clock "arche" Louis XVI4700€
antiquarioMéounes AntiquitésCartel in Boulle marquetry, nineteenth7300€
antiquarioAntiquités GarnierRare 19th Century Miniature Travel Clock2400€
antiquarioEntredós AntiquesEMPIRE BRONZE MANTEL CLOCK4750€
antiquarioAntiquités GarnierLarge Clock In Reference To Robert Osmond 2nd Half XIXth13000€
antiquarioLa Cassapanca di Andrea FioriAntique Napoleon III Pendulum Clock in bronze- 19th century1900€
antiquarioAntiquités GarnierGrand Watch Support Early XIXth680€
antiquarioAraba Fenice AntichitàTriptych in Alabaster2900€
antiquarioBorrelli antichitàAntique clock Charles X French
antiquarioBorrelli antichitàAntique French Napoleon III clock in marble and bronze
antiquarioOlivier ALBERTEAUCartel of Regency Period by Rémy Monginot9700€
antiquarioOlivier ALBERTEAUPendulum portico Louis XVI3400€
antiquarioOlivier ALBERTEAUCartel Louis XIV period in Boulle marquetry6900€
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