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Objects of decoration

antiquarioAntiquités GarnierBASIN IN SEVRES MOUNTED MID XVIIIth43000€
antiquarioAntiquités GarnierPAIR OF IMPORTANT VASES LOUIS XIV XIXth7800€
antiquarioAntiquités GarnierPAIR OF VASES « GRAND TOUR » XIXème3800€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEPair of bronze andirons - Winged lions - Italy - XIX3500€
antiquarioI.A.S. Antichità e DesignVASE VEART VENICE350€
antiquarioI.A.S. Antichità e DesignPAIR OF SASTUMA JARS350€
antiquarioI.A.S. Antichità e DesignLAMP BY BAROVIER AND TOSO300€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésPlanter In Silver-plated And Golden Brass, 1950s950€
antiquarioSAS PY ANTICSCoffret à Senteurs Ou Cave A Odeurs - Napoleon III period480€
antiquarioArte Arredo AndriolloHood for relics
antiquarioArte Arredo AndriolloOverdoor panel
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Centerpiece in beige Murano glass signed Costantini270€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Transparent vase in Murano glass signed Costantini250€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Vase with Murano glass tips signed Cammozzo250€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Caramel vase in Murano glass signed Cammozzo450€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Drop vase in Murano glass signed Costantini500€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Flower vase in black/white Murano glass Costantini470€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Fish sculpture in colored Murano glass signed Cammozzo290€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Caramel coloured Murano glass vase signed Cammozzo450€
antiquarioOriginal Chesterfield Beautiful blue Murano glass vase signed Costantini370€
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