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antiquarioArte Arredo AndriolloAn antique italian school of the 18th century3000€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAXVI century, Allegory of music - Figure of Orpheus
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTECesare Laurenti, Il Corteggiamento, Published, formerly M. C
antiquarioPhidias AntiquesHenri Pierre Picou - mythological painting1200€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEClaudio Francesco Beaumont, Pastoral scene, 18th century5500€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEClaudio Francesco Beaumont, Pastoral scene, 18th century5500€
antiquarioCatherine MARIN Eric SagetOil on canvas "CUPIDON" XIX1900€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEVenetian-Flemish Master, Adoration of the Shepherds, 16th ce
antiquarioChristophe MeierNaked at the fountain by Jacques de Lajoue (1687-1761)6700€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUANineteenth century, Inebriation during the celebrations of D
antiquarioNumero 7 AntiquariatoPhilips Wouwerman (1619-1668) - Battle scene
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoAlexander the Great at the tomb of Achilles
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoMeeting between Venus, Minerva and Apollo French School XVII3900€
antiquarioGalerie PhCFrench School of the XVII Workshop of Laurent de la Hyre2150€
antiquarioRomano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoPortrait of Mars God of War, circle Frans Pourbus
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEGregorio Lazzarini, Sacrifice of Isaac, 18th century
antiquarioAraba Fenice AntichitàThe dance of human life is an ancient copy from Poussin2900€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUABacchanal - The judgment of Paride
antiquarioGalerie PhCGérard de Lairesse (1641-1711) and workshop / The Death of C5850€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTESimone Brentana, Diana huntress, 18th century9500€
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