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Scenes of Genre antique painting

antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEAnthoine Palamedes - Sosta of the soldiers - 17th century5500€
antiquarioAntichità Sasso(Teofilo Patini) 1840-19063500€
antiquarioBorrelli antichitàAncient Flemish oil painting on canvas
antiquarioArte Arredo AndriolloAn antique oil on canvas painting
antiquarioAntichità MoscaPainting depicting Knights circle of van lints5000€
antiquarioAntichità SassoOil on canvas signed, XIXth Century3500€
antiquarioStanislav Mozgovsky Collection Ferdinand de Braekeleer ( 1792 /1883)2300€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoPortrait of a young peasant3800€
antiquarioArte Arredo AndriolloAn interesting 19th painting
antiquarioStanislav Mozgovsky Collection 17th Century Flemish Italian School3700€
antiquarioGalerie William DiximusEdouard Louis Dubufe (1820-1883) The widow's denier82000€
antiquarioMobili del Passato srlLarge antique Flemish painting oil on canvas 17th century8000€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAMid-seventeenth century, Hunter at rest
antiquarioAntica Roma AnticuarioSet of Four 19th Century English Prints Walnut Root Frame400€
antiquarioAntica Roma Anticuario19th Century Pair of English Prints by A C Havell500€
antiquarioAntichità Riccardo MoneghiniAllegory of Charity and Love Bolognese School '6006200€
antiquarioAntica Roma AnticuarioPair of 20th Century English Prints Horses Walnut Frame400€
antiquarioAntica Roma Anticuario19th Century Root Inlaid Frame Print Colored by Hand300€
antiquarioMarc et Laurance DebonoAdine Verde-Delisle, Oil on Panel, Elegant Women, Circa 1850
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAMarzio Masturzo, Battle scene
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