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Wood sculpture

antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoGreat winged angels of the Baroque era, sculptor of the '60016000€
antiquarioOld Paintings Online OPO srlTobia and the Angel, sculptural group4500€
antiquarioOld Paintings Online OPO srlMadonna and Child4500€
antiquarioOld Paintings Online OPO srlSan Nicola di Bari3500€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAXVII century, San Michele Arcangelo
antiquarioRizzo AntiquariPair of exceptional sculptures depicting angels
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoCorpus Christi in wood Flemish School XVIth Century, h.99.55800€
antiquarioRomano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoLarge carved pilaster1300€
antiquarioOld Paintings Online OPO srlEcce homo, wood sculpture7500€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTEGilded wood sculpture - Virgin and Child - 18th century1200€
antiquarioOld Paintings Online OPO srlMoors couple7000€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoPair of angels in polychrome and gilded wood, Tuscany '6006500€
antiquarioVIEZZI ARTECarved and painted wooden statuette - Pietà, 18th century1200€
antiquarioLa Corte Degli Ulivi GalleryChrist Child worshiper, Naples late 17th century
antiquarioNumero 7 AntiquariatoChrist in wood, Germany, 17th century4500€
antiquarioLaboratorio la MolePair of Cornucopias in Louis XVI Style2200€
antiquarioNumero 7 AntiquariatoCrucifix in gilded wood with marble base, Tuscany, 18th cent1600€
antiquarioNumero 7 AntiquariatoWooden sculpture, "Sant 'Ambrogio", Lombardy sec. XVI7000€
antiquarioNumero 7 AntiquariatoPolychrome wooden bust, Tuscany, 18th century1200€
antiquarioNumero 7 AntiquariatoPolychrome wooden Christ, Umbria, 15th century2500€
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