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19th century

antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesPair Of Overlay Vases, Charles X, 19th century7200€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesEnameled Opaline Bottle, 19th Century1100€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesUraline glass goblet, 19th century1650€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesPair of Bronze Angelo, 19th Century5300€
antiquarioMobili del Passato srl19th century antique small desk1000€
antiquarioMobili del Passato srlAntique walnut wardrobe, 19th century4500€
antiquarioANTIQUITES GUIDEAUSecretary Period Louis Philippe, Mid 19th Century, In Walnut1800€
antiquario---- ROMANO ISCHIA ---- Old Master PaintingsVenice, Grand Canal in Cannaregio - Giuseppe Riva
antiquarioArte Arredo AndriolloPair of solid walnut veneered benches
antiquarioMORA ANTIQUESEmpire clock9000€
antiquarioMORA ANTIQUESLarge Pair Of Empire Candelabra, With Three Gratins16000€
antiquarioMORA ANTIQUESA Large Pair Of French R'de Egypt Centerpieces, 19th Century15000€
antiquarioANTIQUITES GUIDEAUFrench Burl Mahogany Sideboard Late 19th Century2800€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesPair of Bronze Ewers, 19th Century1350€
antiquarioSamer's Club AntiquitesDaum signed Dan Dailey, France8700€
antiquarioMORA ANTIQUESA Large Rare Pair Of 19th Century Louis XVI Style Five-armed5500€
antiquarioMORA ANTIQUES"Great Proof", By Henri Levasseur (1853-1934)3700€
antiquarioMORA ANTIQUES“Bather” From The Nymph Of Badende, Naked Lady, F. Barbedien4000€
antiquarioANTICHITÀ GIGLIOView of Praya Grande Macau
antiquarioANTICHITÀ GIGLIOView of the hongs of Canton
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