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19th century

antiquarioVassallo AntiquesRare and Ancient Pair of Satsuma Vases on Shi Shi Lion perio
antiquarioGalerie Domenico CASCIELLOCartel Boulle Marquetry5800€
antiquarioMobili del Passato srlRare antique majolica fireplace second half of the 19th cent15000€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique Victorian Mahogany Console Hall Table 19th Century2500€
antiquarioGalerie Anna van ElterenA pair of French Empire ormolu candlesticks5500€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoView Of Venice In The Moonlight, Italian Vedutist Of The XIX8500€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique Ormolu & Limoges Enamel Table Mirror F.Bienvue2500€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique Ormolu Mounted Marquetry Display Table 19th C2500€
antiquarioAndrea Fiori GalleryAntique Louis Philippe Piano Stool in mahogany 19th century230€
antiquarioAndrea Fiori GalleryAntique Louis Philippe walnut Table Console half-moon 19th950€
antiquarioAndrea Fiori GalleryAntique Empire Bedside Table Cabinet in walnut 19th century900€
antiquarioAndrea Fiori GalleryAntique walnut Louis Philippe Sideboard Dresser Cabinet 19th1500€
antiquarioAraba Fenice AntichitàPressed cardboard380€
antiquarioOld Paintings Online OPO srlPair of Milanese views2500€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique French Bronze of Sainte Maria by De Beaumont 19th C2550€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique Empire Mahogany Armchair Desk chair c.18202550€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique French Boulle Mantel Clock On Stand c.18702550€
antiquarioRegent AntiquesAntique Pair Japanese Meiiji Porcelain Temple Vases 19C2600€
antiquarioAraba Fenice AntichitàAncient golden console1800€
antiquarioIKON RUS'Ancient Russian icon - Transfiguration - cod. A69
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