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17th century

antiquarioARS ANTIQUASaint Teresa of Avila in prayer, 17th century1400€
antiquarioAntichità Maresca di Masiero DavideStill life12000€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUARoman landscape with ruins and figures, circle of N. Berchem2800€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoAdoration of the shepherds12000€
antiquarioRomano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariato"Still life of flowers" Mario Nuzzi workshop (Rome 1603-16734800€
antiquarioAntichità Riccardo MoneghiniHunting David De Coninck 17th century35000€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAAbraham and the three angels, Flemish painter in Italy, 17th
antiquarioARS ANTIQUA17th century flagellation, embossed copper plate1800€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUA17th century painting depicting a pair of cherubs
antiquarioArte Arredo AndriolloRare 17th century italian stone garden sculpture small dwarf1000€
antiquarioLaboratorio la MoleANCIENT PAIR OF RENAISSANCE STOOLS5900€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoCrucifixion, 17th century Flemish school5500€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAFire scene, Giovanni Grevenbroeck, known as Solfarolo
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAEmilian area of the seventeenth century, procession of putti
antiquarioAntiqonStill life. Cornelis mahu11500€
antiquarioRomano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoEcce Homo workshop of Guido Reni - Bologna 1630 c.6500€
antiquarioAntichità MartiniSamson released20000€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUASaint Nicholas of Tolentino in prayer, 17th century2200€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUASanta Caterina, painting by the Venetian School of the seven3200€
antiquarioFB AntiquesIron Armada Strongbox, 17th Century2950€
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