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17th century

antiquarioMicene srlCarved wooden mannequin Italy early 17th century.5900€
antiquarioParino Mercato Antiquario17th century religious painting, the sacrifice of Isaac14500€
antiquario- Old Master Paintings - ROMANO ISCHIAThe Triumph of Christianity Francesco Solimena (1657-1747)
antiquarioAntichità Firenze di Riccardo ChiavacciMARBLE SCULPTURE, ROMAN SCHOOL OF THE XVII CENTURY11800€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Old Master PaintingsCavalieri, Christian Reder known as Monsù Leandro (1656-17292900€
antiquarioParino Mercato AntiquarioGreat Italian painting 17th century, the Capture of Christ16000€
antiquarioAntichità Riccardo MoneghiniFruits Still Life '600
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Old Master PaintingsComposition Of Flowers, Giuseppe Volò6500€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAChrist and the Samaritan, Circle of Giovanni Busi "Cariani"
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Old Master PaintingsTroy in flames, Giovanni Grevenbroeck, known as Solfarolo9800€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAImmaculate Madonna within garland, 17th Century8500€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUA17th Century, Assumption of the Virgin
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAof Hans Jordaens III, 17th Century, Christ at Calvary3400€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUAConsole table,Gilded wood, yellow marble, 17th Century4800€
antiquarioAntichità Riccardo MoneghiniFlemish Still Life with Flowers, Fruit and Character '60013500€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Old Master PaintingsThe Myth Of Apollo And Daphne, Giovanni Angelo Canini7600€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Old Master PaintingsEpisodes from the myth of Diana, Bon Boullogne, Workshop of6800€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Old Master PaintingsThe Myth Of Jupiter, Io And Juno - Giovanni Angelo Canini7600€
antiquarioARS ANTIQUA17th century, Antonio Tibaldi, Still life with instruments
antiquarioARS ANTIQUA17th century, Kneeler2000€
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