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"Sapho" - 1857 - Thomas of Barbarin (1821-1892)

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Detailed Description

Period: XIXth - 1857 Subject: Sappho is represented by Thomas de Barbarin according to the most widespread myth of the poet. Pursuing Phaon of which she has fallen under the charm, Sappho rushes into the sea out of love for him from a rock of the island of Lefkada (Greece). Lyre in hand (barbitos of its true name), it is thus represented here just before its jump, in final despair. The goddess is called "Sappho", but was often spelled in the XIXth "Sapho", as indicated in the catalog of salon of 1857. Painter / School: Emmanuel-Henry Thomas of Barbarin (1821-1892), works first under The name of Emmanuel Henry Thomas, and then adopted its full name in the 1860s. He exhibited at the Salon from 1846 until 1878. He was a pupil of Paul Delaroche. Signature / Date: Signed and bottom right. State: State of origin. Moisture traces without gravity. No wear. Framing and support: Pastel on paper, glued on canvas. Original frame with its cartel on behalf of the painter, accidents. Lack of frame. Restorations on request. Glass of very thick origin. Provenance: Exhibition of 1857 under the N ° 2530. Exhibition at Fontainebleau in 1888. Private collection in Paris. Dimensions: 120 x 93 cm 165 x 138 cm the frame

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Ars Pictura SARL Paris, Avenue de Suffren (Paris - France)

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