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Bas-relief in refined terracotta

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Bas-relief in refined terracotta
Bas-relief in refined terracotta-0
Bas-relief in refined terracotta-2
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Detailed Description

Refined low relief sculpture made of polychrome terracotta, datable to the full fifteenth century and attributed to the Florentine sculptor Antonio Rossellino, author of sculptural works of the same form and workmanship.
The scene depicted is a classic example of Madonna with Child and Angels; the characters remain candid, while the background is instead dyed blue.
We remind you that all our works are accompanied by a detailed written report, and relative documentation through which we undertake to certify the absolute authenticity, as well as the legitimate origin.

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Fabbri Arte - Alto Antiquariato Roverbella, XXIV Maggio n 9 (Roverbella - Italy)

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