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Italian statue

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Italian statue
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Detailed Description

Italian bronze statue "skier" signed G.Rossi - O / 6826

antique dealer

Enrica Pasino Alessandria, via 24 Maggio n.1 (Alessandria - Italy)

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antiquario Enrica Pasino Old WMF Little Austrian Plates with Putti 750€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Hollywood Regency Style Draped Chair 1000€
antiquario Enrica Pasino white / green wall plate 980€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Antique White Marble Spring Statue 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Lamp in bronze USA 1.200€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Old Kashan Bedside Carpets, with Crown 2700€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Ring Vintage in White Satin Gold, Black Pearl and Sapphires 2200€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Tuscan Ceramic Clay Stool, Hand-Painted 800€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Museal Stone High Relief Gandhara 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Ancient queen's bowl 1000€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Pair of ancient stone lions 3.200€
antiquario Enrica Pasino dangling earrings in the shape of "calla" with pearl inside 2.450€
antiquario Enrica Pasino NECKLACE in coral madrepora 1.900€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Marble Fireplace Charles X with important Gilt Bronze Frieze 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino African crocodile, rare old English suitcase 2700€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Kazak Carpet 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Antique Large Turkish Oushak Rug from Private Collection 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino FLOOR LAMP BY GIUSEPPE OSTUNI PER O.LUCE 1200€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Aubusson tapestry half 18th century 7500€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Portrait of Self-Conceited Young Woman 4400€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Elegant and Inlaid Austrian Biedermeier Chairs 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Pair of Old English Dining High Chairs Queen Anne 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Smiling Little Girl with Flowers in the Hair, White Marble 4850€
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antiquario Enrica Pasino antique Genoese chandelier 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Shells Composition in Antique Terracotta Italian Pot 1800€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Chrystal Netherland old Vase. finely Engraved 2700€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Black Forest Old Barometer 1000€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Peacock Fan Style Fireplace 1200€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Italian statue 1.200€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Vintage Unusual Rehamna Moroccan Carpet 2.800€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Vintage Mazda "Tulipe" Art Deco Table Lamps, Rare Pair 1200€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Antique Italian Noble Heraldic Cyma 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Set of Four old Paintings for "Boiserie" Paneled Walls 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino ancient eighteenth-century wooden garland 1.200€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Natural Sculpture on a Wooden Capital with Shells Compositio 1400€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Elegant lady portrait on a armchair in the garden 3000€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Tuscan Marble Coffee Table with Antique Bases 6000€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Old Hand-Painted Screen Double-Sided 6200€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Six Mahogany Queen Anne Dining Chairs 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Fossil Wood Table Lamps for Mountain Home 1250€
antiquario Enrica Pasino trunk lined with kilim Shahsavan 1.600€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Old Austrian Horse Painting, E. Hofmann Signed 4000€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Pair of polychrome wooden sculptures 3.200€
antiquario Enrica Pasino English serving dish 980€
antiquario Enrica Pasino "Hunting Dogs" old French Painting oil on canvas 2400€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Antique little Gate Hand-Wrought Iron and Golden Brass 2300€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Composition of roses in a large original Decò frame 4.500€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Girl with chignon 1500€
antiquario Enrica Pasino fireplace tools with sailing ship 800€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Italian vintage Painting , oil on canvas, "Grey Sun" 2600€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Amazons 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Antique Kilim Gashgai from private collection 2500€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Ancient kilim Garebagh 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Kirman design Aubusson 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Antique Cuenca Carpet from Spain 9600€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Italian Antique Miniature on Casket 1500€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Pair of signed and dated German school portraits 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino pair of eighteenth-century angels in gilded wood 6.400€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Déco Green Leather Club Armchairs 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Vintage Samarkanda Rug with East Landscape 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Antique Collectible Shirvan Carpet 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Ancient Tibetan pectoral 3.500€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Garebagh Vintage Elegant Caucasian Carpet 10400€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Old German Lute 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Very Important Marble Statue Gopi Hindu 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Ancient paintings from Aubusson cartoons 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Old Rare Caucasus Kilim Kazak 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Antique Archituctural Mogul Stone Panel 2200€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Important Chinese Ning-Xia runner 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Old German school framework with an Italian landscape 8500€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Ancient Italian Louis XVI mirror 4.500€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Coral and Gold Ring, Unique Piece 2100€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Louis XV sofa covered with 18th century Aubusson tapestry 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Déco Silver Plate Wine or Champagne Coolers 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Antique Porcelain Tureen with Gold 1500€
antiquario Enrica Pasino pair of 900€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Antique Empire High or ArmChairs, Pair, Covered in "Leopard" 2500€
antiquario Enrica Pasino antique statue in biscuit 1.200€

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antiquario Gulessian frères antiquités Young woman with bronze fountain and marble Math Moreau 18000€
antiquario Mobili del Passato srl Bronze sculpture early decades of the 20th century 500€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités L Perzinka, Greek Star and Rebelle Gaulois, bronze XIXth 850€
antiquario Mobili del Passato srl Bronze sculpture of the ancient Art Deco era subject Jesus 1000€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Chryselephantine Young Harvester, ed Lehmann, 19th century 1600€
antiquario Galerie Tandem Pierre le Faguays Thyrsus 3850€
antiquario Entredós Antiques COUPLE OF MUSICIAN PUTIS IN BRONZE 3200€
antiquario Phidias Antiques Marcello Tommasi - bronze sculpture 1500€
antiquario Entredós Antiques INDIAN BRONZE PIECE 200€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Fred C. Focht "man In Flight" Bronze Signed, ep Art Deco C.1 3500€
antiquario Vassallo Antiques Antique Bronze Sculpture Plate E.Buoninsegna 300€
antiquario Phidias Antiques Pair of mid-19th Bronze Sculptures - France 3500€
antiquario Olivier ALBERTEAU Vestal bust gilt bronze Louis XIV period 1400€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités René Choquet, Bronze Orientalist Gilded, 1903, XXth Century 1800€
antiquario Mobili del Passato srl Bronze sculpture bust of a young girl Sec XX 800€
antiquario Galerie Domenico CASCIELLO Georges-charles Coudray 3200€
antiquario ARS ANTIQUA 19th century, Egyptian face, Bronze, h 28 0000€
antiquario Entredós Antiques BRONZE OF THE CAPITOLINE FAUN 2300€
antiquario Adrienne Legrand Antiques Thomas François Cartier. Bronze spaniel early twentieth 1300€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Bronze Elephant, Japan, Meiji Era, 19th Century 18000€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Chryselephantine Polychrome, Marquet, Late Nineteenth 1500€
antiquario Entredós Antiques FACE OF FAUN IN BRONZE 285€
antiquario Numero 7 Antiquariato Bronze sculpture, "Shepherdess with goat" 20th century 1200€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Statues Jozef Poniatowski Tadeusz Kosciuszko End18e Early19e 5200€
antiquario VIEZZI ARTE Pair of golden metal lions. Early 20th century 900€
antiquario Arte Antica srl Bronze satyr 1800 16000€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Grand Statue Of An Eagle Early XIXth 2200€
antiquario ARS ANTIQUA 19th Century, Vestal, Bronze 1800€
antiquario ANDRE DEBEYNE Couple of busts in bronze, BENIN 11500€
antiquario Entredós Antiques BRONZE OF THE CAPITOLINE FAUN 2300€
antiquario Art Collectors Pair of ancient sculptures depicting cherubs 0€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Bacchus Elongated in a Basket XIXth 790€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Musician asleep in gilded bronze, 19th century 1100€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Pair Of Grand Tazzas Statues of Putti XIXth 3400€
antiquario Galleria Antonio Esposito di Chiara Esposito Life-Size Art Deco Bronze Nubian Blackamoor Figures 0€
antiquario ARS ANTIQUA The Rape of the Sabine, Bronze 2400€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités AV Strantz, Knight Of The Reconquest, Bronze Signed, Ninetee 1800€
antiquario Phidias Antiques A fine 19th orientalist bronze 2200€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Louis XV In Art Lover, Bronze, Late 19th Century 1800€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités L Preatoni, Summer, Bronze Signed, 19th Century 1600€
antiquario Mobili del Passato srl Art Nouveau bronze sculpture bust of a young girl 800€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités At The Moonlight, Bronze Signed Raphael, 19th Century 2200€
antiquario VIEZZI ARTE Burnished bronze inkwell. Padua, XVI century 1600€
antiquario Phidias Antiques An antique Napoleon III bronze sculpture 5000€
antiquario Phidias Antiques A very fine quality signed bronze - France 0€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Bronze Nude Woman Awakening, M Guéraud-Rivière, 20th Century 1200€
antiquario Galerie Tandem Dominique Alonzo chryselephantine 2850€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Large Lion Statue Medici Bronze Early XIXth 2200€
antiquario Arte Hispanico Figure de evangelista en talleres de Limoges of the sigil XI 0€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Group Of Elegant Characters In Bronze, A Pandiani, 19th 2800€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Italian statue 1.200€
antiquario Olivier ALBERTEAU Diana Huntress - gilt bronze nineteenth 2400€
antiquario Entredós Antiques BRONZE OF PUTI PLAYING TAMBOURINE 950€
antiquario Araba Fenice Antichità Cardinal De Nobili 750€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités PJ Mene Mare and dog, signed bronze, 19th century 2900€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Skater, Silver Plated Bronze, Signed J Boux, 20th Century 750€
antiquario Antichità Goglia Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse - ancient sculpture 0€
antiquario Olivier ALBERTEAU Jean-Baptiste Nini - Portrait of Hyacinthe de Rigaud 570€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Pair Of Bronzes, Cavaliers, Art Deco 3200€
antiquario ARS ANTIQUA Achille D'Orsi (Naples, 1845 - 1929), The Nightingale 0000€
antiquario Arte Arredo Andriollo A Late 19th Century Italian Bronze Sculpture 1200€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Voltaire, Bronze After Rosset, 19th Century 2200€
antiquario Phidias Antiques A very fine quality signed bronze - Paris 3500€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Pair Of Mastiffs In Bronze XIXth 950€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Christofle- Rouillard, Agricultural Trophy, Silver Bronze An 3400€
antiquario Mobili del Passato srl 19th Century French Sculpture in Bronze Jean Paul Marat 800€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Pierre De St André, Large Bronze Woman And Child, Signed, Tw 2800€
antiquario Arte Tres Gallery JAUME DURAN The young woman with the dog Bronze Art Deco c19 1250€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Omerth, Young Man with Top Hat, Art Deco Bronze, 20th 680€
antiquario Mobili del Passato srl "Scugnizzo" bronze sculpture Giovanni De Martino 1870-1935 800€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Bronze Tomb Of Laurent De Medici, After Michelangelo 900€
antiquario Vassallo Antiques Antique Ostrich Egg on a marble and bronze base 1250€
antiquario Entredós Antiques BRONZE BUST OF AJAX 1800€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Young woman with greyhound, silver bronze signed Fath, Art D 1900€
antiquario Galerie Domenico CASCIELLO Masson Bronze 3200€
antiquario Andrea Fiori Gallery Antique sculpture in bronze 19th century 380€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Rare Centerpiece Helmet-shaped XIXth 900€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Awakening, Bronze Signed Paul Philippe, Art Deco, 20th 1150€
antiquario Arte Antica srl Baroque bronze stoup 1400€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Bernoud, Chryselephantine An Elegant In Winter, Signed 1350€
antiquario Entredós Antiques PAIR OF WINGED SPHINXES IN BRONZE 2800€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités E L'Hoest, Archery, signed orientalist bronze, 20th 1850€
antiquario Romano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariato Marcel Debut (Paris, 1865-1933), Allegory of eternity 3800€
antiquario Antica Roma Anticuario 20th Century Art Deco Sculpture Plum Bronze Nymph Daphne 500€
antiquario Borrelli antichità Ancient gilded bronze 19th century sculpture 0€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Christofle- Rouillard, Agricultural Trophy, Silver Bronze An 3400€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Pair Of Putti Dancing A Bacchanal XIXth Century 2400€
antiquario ARS ANTIQUA 19th century, Perseus with the head of the Medusa 0000€
antiquario Monartsgallery Hunting dog by Clovis-Edmond MASSON ,French school 19th 1750€
antiquario Mobili del Passato srl Child bronze sculpture with fish beginning XX century 1000€
antiquario La Corte Degli Ulivi Gallery Large bronze sculpture of an art deco dancing girl 2500€
antiquario VIEZZI ARTE Bronze sculpture - lying putto - Venice 16th century 750€
antiquario Catherine MARIN Bronze Signed Jean Didier DEBUT 900€
antiquario Bonanomi Antiquariato A small early-19th bronze sculpture 0€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Drunk Bacchus By Clodion XIXth 2200€
antiquario Galerie Tandem Amedeo Gennarelli 2950€
antiquario Galerie Tandem Pierre Laurel / Pierre le Faguays 3950€
antiquario Antiquités Garnier Bronze Cladding Late XVIIth 850€
antiquario Arte Antica srl Pair of cherubs in patinated Empire bronze 3200€
antiquario Antichità Sasso Bronze of a signed woman (Manente) 950€
antiquario Antica Roma Anticuario Augustus Bust by Louis Moreau 20th Century 4500€
antiquario VIEZZI ARTE Bronze door knob "Anthropomorphic Creature". XVI century 750€
antiquario Antica Roma Anticuario 20th Century Art Deco Sculpture Bronze Mars God of War 800€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Djinn, PJ Mêne 1846, signed bronze, 19th century 3500€
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