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Pair of Louis Philippe porcelain vases

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Pair of Louis Philippe porcelain vases
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Detailed Description

Pair of totally faded Luigi Filippio porcelain vases depicting the sea and mythological characters

antique dealer

Antichità Sasso Torre del greco, Via nazionale 70 (Torre del greco - Italy)

All items in the category:

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antiquario Araba Fenice Antichità Antique porcelain vase of English origin 650€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Mycena vase, Sèvres porcelain, 19th century 1700€
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antiquario Olivier ALBERTEAU Porcelain jug of the East India Company 350€
antiquario L'Orientalista Francesco Grue - Nativity with Saint John the Baptist 6000€
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antiquario Matheus Gallery Pair of magot - nodding pagoda - in polychrome porcelain 1800€
antiquario Boris Marvier Antiquités Slip, Plat Dans Le Gout De Palissy, XIXth Century 1700€
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antiquario Antichità Mosca Pair of Sevrès porcelain vases 800€
antiquario Olivier ALBERTEAU Bust of Bacchus by Monteil 680€
antiquario Antichità Sasso Pair of Louis Philippe porcelain vases 6500€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Antique Porcelain Tureen with Gold 1500€
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antiquario Enrica Pasino antique statue in biscuit 1.200€
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antiquario Regent Antiques Antique Pair of French Sevres Porcelain Vases 18th Century 5500€
antiquario Olivier ALBERTEAU Allegorical group in biscuit-Paris, late eighteenth century 2700€
antiquario Matheus Gallery Pair of porcelain vases - 1810 11000€
antiquario Galerie Tandem Jean Mayodon (1893-1967) 2250€
antiquario Antichità Mosca Pair of Majolica 800€
antiquario Trianon Antiquités Great Porcelain Ewer, Germany 19th century 6800€
antiquario Entredós Antiques PAIR OF PORCELAIN PARROTS 450€
antiquario Antichità Mosca Majolica depicting Christ by the skate warden 800€
antiquario Bonanomi Antiquariato Pair of small 19th century Chinese sculptures 0€
antiquario Enrica Pasino English serving dish 980€
antiquario Numero 7 Antiquariato Jug in majolica, Cerreto Sannita, Second half of the 17th ce 0€
antiquario Numero 7 Antiquariato 17th century majolica basin 0€
antiquario Galerie Domenico CASCIELLO Pair of ewers Napoleon III 1800€
antiquario Galerie Tandem Clement Massier, Clematis 1650€
antiquario ARS ANTIQUA majolica Castelli 0€
antiquario Arte Antica srl Group of capodimonte representing the rat of Polissena 5000€
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