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Sevres, Rare Pair Of Vases In Biscuit Mounted Gilt Bronze 19

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Sevres, Rare Pair Of Vases In Biscuit Mounted Gilt Bronze 19
Sevres, Rare Pair Of Vases In Biscuit Mounted Gilt Bronze 19-1
Sevres, Rare Pair Of Vases In Biscuit Mounted Gilt Bronze 19-2
Sevres, Rare Pair Of Vases In Biscuit Mounted Gilt Bronze 19-3
Sevres, Rare Pair Of Vases In Biscuit Mounted Gilt Bronze 19-4
Sevres, Rare Pair Of Vases In Biscuit Mounted Gilt Bronze 19-5
Sevres, Rare Pair Of Vases In Biscuit Mounted Gilt Bronze 19-6
Sevres, Rare Pair Of Vases In Biscuit Mounted Gilt Bronze 19-7
Sevres, Rare Pair Of Vases In Biscuit Mounted Gilt Bronze 19-8

Detailed Description

Rare pair of covered biscuit vases mounted in gilded bronze, signature of the Manufacture de Sèvres, Napoleon III, 19th century. Embossed decoration of a mythological scene, chased and gilded bronze mount. Excellent state of conservation. Measure cm 38 Sending all over the world with insurance and professional packaging in wooden case

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International Antiques Pistoia, Via Verdi 46 (Pistoia - Italy)

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