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Antique dealers, professionist since twenty years. Located in Tuscany, in Pistoia, near Florence. Furnitures, paintings, sculptures and other art pieces. We put at your disposal our multi-year experience: we have a team of professionals in restoration of works of art, professional packaging in wooden case and transport all over the world. We are present on the main internet platforms and on the majors fairs italian and european.
Restoration and Antiques in Lierna, in the province of Lecco, offers the sale of antiques and antiques from different periods; find everything on display and you can view the various products with peace of mind with the assistance of the staff, who will explain all the features and peculiarities of each object. In our shop you can find: • paintings from various periods, ancient, '800-'900 Italian and European painters? ; • antique furniture of various regional and international origins, from various periods up to the end of the 19th century; ? • drawers, sideboards, tables, etagere, bureau, display cabinets, armchairs, tables, bedside tables and cabinets; • objects with particular attention to the Italian artistic production of the past centuries. Specifically, we deal with 20th century ceramics, antique majolica, especially sevres and limoges porcelain, marble and alabaster sculptures, wood sculptures, glass, bronzes and vintage;
I learned to love art and antiques since childhood when in my free time I always preferred "go play" in my grandfather's restoration lab accustomed instantly to look so steeped in magic and sophistication that only a piece of furniture or a picture can express. Successfully completed my studies I immediately started my apprenticeship in Plus Art, family business, where I could learn many sides and facets of antiques, working hard for understand the importance of my job and the great history and mystery behind each work of art; attending the most important Italian exhibitions like the elite, the Internazionale di Milano, Modenantiquaria I could see the enormous amount of work this in the art world where planning, organization, instinct, emotion and entrepreneurial skills are blended together to create an explosive mix and an eternal fire impossible to extinguish. Now after a long pilgrimage I prepare to return to Brescia, the city where it all began hoping to grow with my lovely city offering a precise and serious service and the most deserving can extolling and valuing at most what thrills us more: art.
Gallo Fine Art Easy is born with the idea of joining the ‘old-fashioned’ art dealing with the new way of interacting with the antiques’ market, now and more than ever attentive of the online aspects in which it is encompassed. In our new online showcase, you will be able to browse through artworks gathered in time, thought for the exhibition on the internet and always complying to specific standards of value and authenticity. Our experience in the field provides the client with reliability and professionalism as warrant of transparency along with the desire to open new collaborations in the hope of making them last over the years.
Mobili del Passato S.r.l. is an Italian company trading in antiques, both nationally and internationally. The owners, Stefano Bianchi (surveyor and draughtsman) and Sara Capretto share a passion for art and antiques. The professionalism gained by Stefano and Sara in more than ten years of activity is the basis to their trade in period furniture. This trade is the result of a strong passion; every item is chosen with the utmost care, and total originality is guaranteed. We offer experience and expertise to customers who want to commit money to a sector which has suffered fewer downturns during the global economic crisis and continues to attract the interest of numerous enthusiasts or simple investors, who continue to believe in the art market. Buying an art- work means investing capital which increases in value over time. Each purchased article can be shipped outside Italy. In this case, the full shipping costs must be agreed before payment by sending us a written request for an estimate stating the location and zip code of the destination of the goods. We will communicate the cost without delay. The delivery times vary depending on the country of destination
Borrelli Antichita is a company founded in 1964 by the progenitor Mario carried on over the years by his sons Arch.Giuseppe, Domenico and Massimiliano with professionalism and passion. The choice is made through continuous trips abroad and in Italy with particular attention to the English and French markets as well as that Neapolitan You buy furniture and art objects with maximum evaluation and payment in cash. Open every day from 09.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 19.45 Saturday is Sunday 09.00 / 13, 00. We issue Certificate of Authenticity.
Hello customer ! You are welcome in my AnticSwiss page ! Our family has always been a family of passionate art collectors who love beauty in its most varied forms. In 2014 we decided to transform our passion into professional activity at the service of anyone, like us, has decided to marry love for beauty, especially the ancient beauty, that that transcends from the fashions and the customs of any epoch. Our research has always been addressed to furniture, objects and paintings of the past, especially from Italian private collections. We also provide free advice for valuations of antiques for sale or restoration. We are our disposal for more info, do not hesitate to contact our Team! Renato Tiotto Owner of Art Collectors
Chez Maxim Art Gallery select from more than 35 years the artistic and manufacturing excellence of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Decorative objects, sculptures, paintings and pendule clocks - designed to satisfy and emotionally enriching noble and bourgeois society of the time - they represent today more than ever , investment in targeted high-performance value over time.
The great passion and love for art have made it possible that I could become, as a simple collector of ancient paintings, an operator in the sector. The experience in the field, the academic studies and the constant contact with different restoration laboratories, give me every day the opportunity to reach my main objective which is to offer, through works selected by me in Italy and in Europe, the possibility to satisfy both the most experienced collector and the one who approaches for the first time the purchase of an ancient painting. All this without losing attention in safeguarding the investment profile trying to offer the right balance between quality and price. When we talk about ancient painting, we talk about an investment linked to art that was and will always remain the safest. The ancient painting is an object that will always re-evaluate over time, and it is sincere precisely because it is ancient, the story is inside its canvas, inside its pigment and inside the one who created it, setting itself so far away from tired and sickening speculative bubbles linked to the contemporary art market. The opportunity to have an ancient picture and a piece of history inside the walls of your own home is an emotion that has no price and comparisons.
A selection of antique furniture and paintings, sculptures and collectibles. A gallery detailed and continuously updated is available on our website As members of FIMA (Federation Italian art dealers) and CINOA (Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art), we guarantee the authenticity of each object with photographic expertise. We handle and organize transportation of the works purchased, both for Italy and for abroad, through selected carriers. Each work of art is packed by us personally with the utmost professionalism, skill and care, ensuring the next shipment safely. For more details:
After a long and interesting experience in the field of oriental carpets, ENRICA PASINO has come to interior decoration in a completely natural way. For 33 years he has added to his rich collection of antique carpets (even primitive) some furniture, European painting, lamps, sculptures, vases, collectibles. He is expert in Oriental carpets at the Court and C. C. I. A. Alessandria Italy.
VIEZZI ARTE is an antiquarian reality born of Alberto's enthusiasm and energy combined with Giancarlo's wisdom and experience. From these foundations is an activity whose sole purpose is to offer a serious and professional service to those who, like us, love and surround the heritage of the ancient masters.
Ars Antiqua srl is an antiques gallery in Milano. We deal in paintings from the XVI to the XIX century, antique furniture - in particular Italian furniture - and interior design. We are specialized in wooden sculptures, as well as bronzes and porcelains. Through our diffusion on multiple channels, we seek for the preciousness and the charm of the antiquity. From our showroom to the major antiques fairs, from the daily updated website to the weekly live TV presentations, we offer a fine selection of works of art and specific thematic exhibitions during the year. Our Sunday live broadcasts are enriched also by the meeting with special guests related to the world of private collecting and museums.
Massimo Bonino began his activity in the restoration of antique furniture around 1977 in Turin (Piedmont), at one of the most important artisan workshops of that era, that of Mr. Giuseppe Primerano. He works there making a baggage of experiences that will be useful when he moves to Lucca in 1982, where he opens his own Restoration Workshop, which progresses to having seven workers who work with him. In 1990 he opened a shop in Via Pesciatina in Lucca, a high-flowing road that is about 2 km from the city walls. The shop is called 'ARABA FENICE'; it is furnished with: mirrors, bronzes, porcelains, candlesticks, chandeliers, paintings, prints, watercolors, English Old Sheffield, clocks, fireplaces, glassware and various objects of particular taste, etc., through monthly trips to the most important European Antiquarian Fairs
The Antonio Esposito Antique Gallery is situated in Via Maggio 82/r, in Oltrarno neighborhood the heart of Florence’s antiques district, just a stone’s throw away from the Pitti Palace. Chiara Esposito run the 3rd generation family business. This historic and charming gallery, situated in over 200 m² building that dates back to the 14th Century, offers an elegant and rich collection of furniture, paintings and antiques from the end of the 17th Century to early 20th Century. The Esposito Antique Gallery is specialized in 18th Century furniture and paintings and Neoclassical fine art but you can find also Mid-Century modern and Art Deco items. Most of the items of our eclectic collection come from private Italian homes and private sellers and have an international profile. Chiara Esposito follows each customer with care and dedication, helping him/her in searching and selecting the work of art that best suits his needs, tastes and his furnishing. Chiara provides all the informations about the object’ s provenance and she is able to provide interior design consultancy upon request. Thanks to a long collaboration with highly skilled craftsmen the Esposito Antique Gallery is able to realize restoration works on commission and customized creations. The Esposito Antique Gallery also sale extremely high quality silk fabrics exclusively selected for our customers, the wide collection and its versatility can satisfy any kind of request in decoration, furnishing and interior design's fields. Whether you are a collector or a dealer, the Esposito Antique Gallery is a must for antique lovers everywhere. I'm looking forward very much to welcome you.
Our work in the art gallery since 1988. Since then he has always stood out for its eclecticism as the works discussed do not represent a specific period, but they are selected according to quality 'artistic, independent since. For this reason we find in the gallery sculptures, furniture, objects and works from '300 to 800, although the operators preference and' oriented mobile Medieval especially Tuscan, Umbria and Marche with a focus on the painting. In painting the often Medieval mixes with the works of the '600 and' 700 but also to the 800 teachers. The quality 'of the works means that the Antiques Ranked # 7 expected to lie at a good level in the world of antiques and is visited by collectors and dealers looking for rarity' and quality '.
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