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Access or use of this website implies your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

If you do not accept our Terms and Conditions, please do not use this website and in doing so you will be agreeing to our Terms of Use.

These terms of use are applied to your agreement in its entirety.

Some services offered by the site, including some parts of the site can be completed and updated, changed or added including the conditions of sale and some specific operations, according to the evolution of the site.

In cases of dispute, etc but insert in accepting you agree to be aware of these conditions and we will keep you informed of any changes.

By using this site, you confirm that you are over 18 years and benefit from the legal capacity to accept these terms.

If you use the site on behalf etc you confirm that you have the authorisation to accept these terms on their behalf.


SITE: Understood as a whole website, each page each section of the site
USER : person using the website as a visitor.
MEMBER : Individual or company that signs up to the website as an exhibitor.

1) catalogue

The catalog brings together in one page exhibitors, registered with the site offering to sell their wares, as Antiquarian independent, Craftsman, expert art restorer, Art Gallery. All ads will be posted to the sale, under the responsibility of the member exhibitor. The website will not be held in any way responsible for the commercial transactions and the content of the ads of the members exhibitors.

2) member's galleries

a - The website reserve the right to cancel at anytime, both during the trial and after acceptance of the annual contract, to delete the members exhibits if we consider that they go against (or conflict with) the policies of the website.

b - reserves the right to suspend or withdraw access to a user or member, that does not respect the terms of use.

c - Minimum of 5 photos for every article etc contrary to this we will proceed to delete the published article.

d - do not accept any responsibility regarding the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, or availability of the information published on the site

e - The site reserves the right to publish or suppress an ad at any time, without notice to the member exhibitor.

f - The exhibitor remains responsible for the information posted on the site

3) experts associations

The experts proposed by the site, are listed under this category, for information only, they assume its own responsibility the veracity of belonging to the category and the same association.

4) social marketing

In order to ensure optimal visibility of the events of the site, reserves the right to broadcast announcements on various communication media: newsletter, antique dealers blog, mobile applications, blogger, flux rss, twitter, facebook, Google Plus, Pinterestand in any other form that is useful to ensure the promotion of the site and ad content.

5) data raising

a - collects personal data of users and members for the sole purpose of sending its newsletter.
b - Personal data collected will not be disclosed or sold in any way, not even exchanged with third parties.

6) responsability accept the following responsibilities:
a - The user of the site is solely responsible for the damage caused to third parties and the consequences of the complaints or actions that could that could therefore result in.

b - The user or member registered to also rejects any action against in the case of prosecutions conducted by a third party against or because of the improper or illegal use of the site.

c - in case of abnormal use or illicit exploitation of the site

d - All civil and criminal actions caused by the publication of announcements of the members inherent originality, the state of preservation and transport damage, and proper business transaction between users and members

e - disclaims any liability of objects and articles published on the site that do not comply with the prohibition of publication according to Italian law, relating to the sale of banned items.

f - In case of temporary impossibility of access to the site, about technical problems or updates to the site, or any other nature that involves the 'access.

g - When the registered member loses it's credentials, or other people seizeof them and operate illegally on the site

These general conditions of use are governed by Italian law, the user accepting them, irrevocably gives exclusive jurisdiction to the Italian jurisdiction. The whole of the court of Florence will host quarrels about the validity, interpretation and execution of these general conditions of use

PROPERTY RIGHTS grants you the right to access and use the site, and to sign up, but you are not authorized to modify any of the content of the portal.his site should not be reproduced, copied, or sold for commercial reasons without express written permission of The brand is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Florence and can not be copied in any way by other parties.

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