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Ancient times

antiquarioPaliotti SLSpanish Safe from the 400th Century XV10000€
antiquarioPaliotti SLAlbert Carrier - Belleuse (1824/1887) Pair of Candelabra18000€
antiquarioPaliotti SLAlbert Carrier - Belleuse (1824/1887) "Allegory"10000€
antiquarioBonanomi AntiquariatoGroup Of Four 18th Lacquered And Gilded Wood Columns
antiquarioBonanomi AntiquariatoAn impressive early-17th venetian chest2900€
antiquarioPaliotti SLLarge French Vase MAXANT H: 140cm20000€
antiquarioPaliotti SLAntique Rare Group of German Ivory85000€
antiquarioPaliotti SL19th century French chest of drawers Rosewood8000€
antiquarioAntichità GogliaA very fine 17th century italian painting
antiquarioAntichità GogliaAn antique religious italian painting
antiquarioPaliotti SLSecretaire Biedermeier 19th century4000€
antiquarioPaliotti SLSecretaireItaliano Ebano and Ivory Milano Sec. XIX4900€
antiquarioAntichità Riccardo MoneghiniBacchic Scene Roman School '6003200€
antiquarioBonanomi AntiquariatoA decorative pair of 17th century pedestals
antiquarioPaliotti SLJuan de Arellano (1614/1676) "Still Life"35000€
antiquarioPaliotti SL600th Italian School XVIIth "Il Bagno del Bambino Ges7500€
antiquarioPaliotti SL600th Italian School XVIIth "Monaco in Prayer"4500€
antiquarioPaliotti SLFlemish School of the 600th Century XVII "Il Calvario"2900€
antiquarioPaliotti SLFlemish School of the 600th Century XVII "Il Calvario"3000€
antiquarioPaliotti SLSc. Flemish of the 600 "Maddalena" Attrib. Simon de Vos5000€
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