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Louis XV Transition

antiquarioTROUVER BONHEURCabinet port mahogany walnut Louis XV XVIIIth1500€
antiquarioTROUVER BONHEURLouis XV Period XVIII th Rare Saintongeais Marin Buffet1500€
antiquarioAntichità De Bles srlNeapolitan chest of drawers of 700
antiquarioM&N AntiquitésRockery Woodwork Console With Dragon, XVIIIth3400€
antiquarioM&N AntiquitésReflective Mirror with Parecloses, Italy XVIIIth Century530€
antiquarioM&N AntiquitésLouis XV Cabaret Table, XVIIIth Flanders2300€
antiquarioEdery AntiquitésBuffet In Walnut Curved, Early XIX.2200€
antiquarioGalerie PhCHouse of Savoy. Queen of Sardinia, Portrait of Polixena8800€
antiquarioAntichità GogliaRare Louis XV Period solid walnut Venice sofa2000€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoView of Venice with San Marco, Francesco Tironi14500€
antiquarioLaboratorio la MolePair of Moors Venice of 1700
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésPair of Portuguese armchairs - Colonial, XIXth century2200€
antiquarioKunsthandel Dr. JansenCOMMODE TRANSITION 1770 STAMPED J.B. VASSOU6450€
antiquarioTrianon AntiquitésFroment Meurice, 3 Crystal & Silver Bronze Cups, Signed2200€
antiquarioLaboratorio la MoleAncient 18th century painting2000€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoView of Venice with San Giorgio Maggiore Island, Tironi14500€
antiquarioGalerie Domenico CASCIELLOLady's Small desk5500€
antiquarioGalerie Domenico CASCIELLOLouis XV Armchair In Golden Wood4200€
antiquarioAntichità CASTELBARCO - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoCapriccio Architectural With Temple6800€
antiquarioTROUVER BONHEURSnack table between two inlays4500€
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