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Louis XVI Directoire

antiquarioCatherine MARIN Eric SagetTable bouillotte mahogany Napoleon III750€
antiquarioCatherine MARIN Eric SagetLOUIS XVI EPOQUE chiffonnier2400€
antiquarioOlivier ALBERTEAUChalice and paten by NT Caillez - Paris - 1st Cock870€
antiquarioAntiquités GarnierPair Of Louis XVI Wall Lights - Candelabras Shaped XIXth2200€
antiquarioLa Cassapanca di Andrea FioriAntique Directoire Chest of drawers in walnut - Italy 18th1600€
antiquarioCatherine MARIN Eric SagetLOUIS XVI period mahogany commode1700€
antiquarioGalerie Domenico CASCIELLOLarge pair of XIXth century sconces3800€
antiquarioOlivier ALBERTEAUMercury Barometer Louis XVI1700€
antiquarioEnrica PasinoAncient Italian Louis XVI mirror
antiquarioGalerie PhCPortrait - 18th Century Dutch School after Bol2850€
antiquarioArte Arredo AndriolloCommode Inlaid - 18th Century5800€
antiquarioRomano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoPair of angles Louis XVI °
antiquarioCatherine MARIN Eric SagetLOUIS XVI mahogany sideboard ALL FACES1800€
antiquarioGalerie PhCFrench School of the second half of the 18th century-Atelie4400€
antiquarioPhidias AntiquesPair of 19th century gilt-wood armchairs4500€
antiquarioPhidias AntiquesSet of four 18th italian chairs1800€
antiquarioOlivier ALBERTEAUPorcelain coffee pot from the East India Company-XVIII750€
antiquarioOlivier ALBERTEAUPorcelain jug of the East India Company350€
antiquarioGulessian frères antiquitésCommode with half-moon doors inlaid Louis XVI style late XI8500€
antiquarioAntiquités GarnierLarge Torch XIXth Inspired By A Drawing Of Jean - Demosthene950€
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