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Modern & Contemporary Art

antiquarioCollectit ! by SpectandumSurreal Woman with Black Cloth over her Head, Labisse Felix895.00€
antiquarioArte Antiquariato MusettiNag Arnoldi - Cavalli del Gran Carro990€
antiquarioRomano Ischia - Galleria d'arte e antiquariatoUmberto Moggioli - Mountain Landscape
antiquarioViolon d'IngresVOLLON Antoine The sailboats Watercolor drawing800€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresMALFROY Henry The quays of the Seine in Paris Oil canvas sig7800€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresJOUHAUD Léon Painting 20th century Fawn landscape Oil signed9500€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresCross Henri Edmond Studies, Young Women Seated Watercolor1300€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresCross Henri Edmond Etudes, Young Seated Women. watercolor1300€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresCROSS Edmond Paris, Square Ranelagh Signed watercolor drawin2200€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresCROSS Edmond Paysage du Lavandou Watercolor drawing on paper2800€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresCross Edmond Seated Woman Watercolor drawing on paper signed1950€
antiquarioAntiquités BRIONLarge Abstract Painting Signed Fremond Dated 70 - 200 x 133
antiquarioAntiquités BRIONArlequin Ceramic Wall Lights By Otello Rosa2000€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresNOWACZYK Sculpture bronze brass crushed glass Dancer3400€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresCouple of dancers by Christian NOWACZYK Sculpture 20th8800€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresYoung Woman Sculpture Signed In Bronze Brass And Crushed Gla2800€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresCALDER (after) Handmade and hand-knotted wool rug7800€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresCoffee table with four violins Nowacyck unique work6800€
antiquarioViolon d'IngresVAUTHIER Pierre Paris Notre Dame under the snow Signed oil5500€
antiquarioAntiqonMiniature stone cutting "Hockey players"2500€
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