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Adriaen van der Kabel (1630-1705) Byzantine port scene

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Adriaen van der Kabel (1630-1705) Byzantine port scene
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Descrizione Dettagliata

Adriaen van der Kabel (1630-1705) Port scene in front of a Byzantine city.

Canvas 62 cm by 43 cm
Old frame 72 cm by 54 cm

This superb painting is a work attributed to Adriaen van Kabel from his Italian period.

Adriaen van der Kabel (1630-1705)

Adriaen van de Kabel is a Dutch painter, printmaker and draftsman (United Provinces) In the Netherlands he begins to paint in the style of Van Ruisdael and Van Goyen, but will be later influenced by the Mediterranean style. He left to live in Rome for a few years, before settling in Lyon, where he married and where he was active until his death. His name is sometimes written Van der Cabel, Vandercabel or Vandrecabel. . Little is known about van der Kabel's private life; he painted a lot, but corresponded little. Nevertheless, most biographers agree that in his youth he was a lively individual. From 1645 to 1648 he was a pupil of Van Goyen in The Hague. Subsequently, he left to paint around, sometimes quite far from this city. His first known work, a river landscape, dates from 1648. His productivity during this period was quite low compared to his French period; however, it is possible that a number of his paintings from this period were attributed to Van Goyen. His paintings, until about 1660, testify to the Dutch style, following the model of Van Goyen, Van Ruisdaal and Cuyp: the sunlight, filtered by the moist sky, casts a silver shine on the scene represented. Small villages are pleasantly ordered, The red-brown roofs of the small houses, the colors of the walls, agree with the capricious gray range of the sky. After 1654, however, van der Kabel took an interest in Mediterranean landscapes. We know of him a painting from 1656, Zuidelijk havengezicht met twee torens (Port view from the south, with two towers), which already shows all the style that van der Kabel would later perfect in Italy. When he was about twenty-five years old, he therefore decided to leave (him too) for Rome. On the road, he stopped in Lyon, where he probably stayed from 1655 to 1658. In 1659, he arrived in Rome, which he was not to leave before 1666, and where he acquired mastery of the Italian style. There, he joins the Bentvueghels armi them, he is nicknamed "Geestigheid" ("Humor"), a name which testifies to his vivacity, his sagacity and his biting wit. After Rome, he stayed and worked briefly in Aix en Provence, Toulouse and Avignon. He recorded his travels in his sketchbook kept until 1930 in the Cabinet des Estampes in Berlin; it is now lost. He settled in Lyon in 1668, He then produced landscapes and seascapes in which a clearly Mediterranean atmosphere emerges in shades that often lean towards brown. His work, at that time, shows influences from Caude Geléé, Casteglione and Salvator Rosa From 1670 to 1672, the painter Johannes Glauber works alongside him, His reputation is built, thus he realizes for the attorney-general at the Court des Monnaies several paintings intended for the decoration of his house in Saint-Genis. He was also invited to decorate the impressive Hôtel de Pizeys. He became one of the two “Maîtres Gardes” of the painters' guild. He had several students, including his godson, Adrien Manglard It was in this city of Lyon that Adriaen van der Kabel died on January 15, 1705.


Caudroit Troyes, 31 rue andre beury (Troyes - France)

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